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About Us

About Our Team

Established in 2000, Empire Gas Services Ltd. provides contract operators and manpower to support Alberta’s growing oilfield business.

Family-Owned and Operated

Originally founded by Ray Petteplace to meet the needs of a booming oilfield industry, Empire Gas Services Ltd. now provides around-the-clock services and proven production techniques. The company was passed down in 2005 to Ray’s son, Jason Petteplace.

We Perform with Limited Budgets

Empire Gas Services Ltd. has seen the oilfield in both the up cycle and the more stringent down cycles. We have been able to meet production targets on limited budgets while helping the customer’s management and production teams reach their goals.

Many Repeat Customers

Empire Gas Services Ltd. has secured many valuable repeat customers with our emphasis on production and reliability. We hope you’ll join those loyal customers and allow us to provide manpower solutions that work for you.

Professional Affiliations

Our Professional Affiliations Include:

• Member, ISNetworld®

• Member, ComplyWorks®

• Participant, Safety Pass


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